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What is LinkAustralia? 

LinkAustralia is not a single website but an union of a large and growing number of Australian websites. Its members advertise each other's banners to promote their services mutually, and the membership is FREE.

How does it work? 

Once you join the LinkAustralia membership and start to display banners for other members, your banner will start being displayed on other LinkAustralia members' web sites. You earn your banner display credit by displaying other members' banners on your homepage. For every 2 banner displays on your site, you earn 1 display credit for yourself. The more banner displays you do for other members, the more frequent your banner appears on other members' sites around Australia. It's as simple as that!

Members can also check their banner display statistics online.

Who Can Join LinkAustralia? 

Everyone can join the free membership of LinkAustralia so long as you have your own homepage. LinkAustralia classifies its membership into three ZONES according to the nature of the participating website.

To join LinkAustralia, simply click the "Join!" button and fill out the form, and you will be issued some HTML code. Add the HTML code to your homepage, you will begin to earn banner display credit immediately. Once you upload your own banner, it will start to appear all over Australia on our members' web sites!

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